Business Owners Insurance from All Brevard InsuranceBOP-insurance-all-brevard

Insurance policies that combine protection from major property and liability risks in one package. A Business Owner Policy (BOP) is an insurance package that assembles the basic coverages required by a business owner in one bundle.

All Brevard Insurance Business Owners policies are designed for small to medium-sized businesses like yours, and focuses on the needs of retail, mercantile, office and habitational occupancies, including business owners who lease out their premises to similar businesses.

The Business Owners Policy combines property coverage, liability and additional coverages that most businesses require into one policy with the exception of workers compensation, auto and flood. Optional coverages also can be added to meet specific needs of your business. BOP is a simplified way of providing you with the basic coverage at a lower cost than with buying separate policies.

Primary Coverages:

Building/Property Insurance

Building coverage pays for damages to your building and other structures on the premises, as well as business personal property you own and use in your business. Some examples of business personal property can include stock, inventory, furniture, and office equipment.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption coverage provides protection for a temporary shutdown of your business due to a covered cause of loss. It provides coverage for loss of income or extra expenses you incur to resume operations.

Additional Coverages

• Accounts Receivable
• Arson Reward
• Automatic Seasonal Increase
• Depositors Forgery
• Employee Dishonesty
• Money & Securities
• Newly Acquired or Constructed Property
• Outdoor Property
• Personal Property Off-Premises
• Attached Signs
• Valuable Papers & Records

General Liability Insurance

Liability coverage is provided for your operations and all premises you own, operate, or lease. This protection includes:

• Bodily Injury, Property Damage, and Medical Expenses
• Products – Completed Operations
• Personal Injury and Advertising Injury
• Damage to Premises Rented to You

Workers Compensation Insurance

All Brevard Insurance has workers comp. insurance that means business. We are a member of FUBA, the Florida United Businesses Association, which woks together with Florida businesses to provide the best workers compensation coverage available.

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